Good Happens Here

We mix brains, bravery and magic to make people smile.

Declare the Manifesto

This is what we fight for


We bring the unknown to life, delightfully.
Sparking life to dreams, crafting visions into reality,
We move fast and act bravely to do good.

Taming chaos to be kind through design,
We use our hearts and hands, making the plausible, possible.
For ourselves and for people.

Good Happens Here.

Live Bravely

We blaze trails into new and old territories, bringing intrepid foresight, causing heads to pop-up and notice, and talk about, and write about, and forever follow.

Act Savvy

When we build something, we respect feasibility, but we fight against limitations by embracing our revolutionary spirit and use our collective brain power to innovate.

Have Empathy

Listening, absorbing and reflecting. We walk miles in all types of shoes – for people and business. It gives us foresight. It helps us build things that make people say wow!

Be Hands-On

Our work is guided by intuitive and serendipitous dialogues between our minds and hands. We will use pencils, clay, saws, thread and sand paper over computers every time.

Create Delight

Bring delight to the people! It’s our mantra. Smiles over frowns, and ahh’s over boo’s. After all, the most delightful things are the most memorable.

Celebrate People

People live at the hearts of ideas first and foremost. Anything different would be pointless. People inspire our designs, and our designs inspire people

About Us

We are New Deal Design – a creative agency based in San Francisco, specializing in Product and Information Architecture for consumer and commercial experiences.

Founded in 2000 with 100+ design awards under our belt, we are one of the top 5 design teams in the country and among the very best in designing technology objects globally. We work with young start-ups to iconic global brands to deliver elegant, intuitive and meaningful designs.

Take me to your Leader

Gadi is a Bay Area based designer behind some of the most innovative and lasting technology products created over the last decade. Named ‘Master of Design’ in 2010 by Fast Company Magazine, Gadi believes in working from the inside out to find products’ true architecture and cultural grounding.

Gadi started New Deal to bring approachable design excellence to a wider audience and has become a leading design voice by working hands-on to forward this belief and craft objects that stand above the fray.

Revolt for Goodness