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Dojo – Simple Signals = Total Home Security
Our Latest – Fever Scout by VivaLnk Launches
Our Latest – OKU, your personal skin coach
Wired Magazine on what makes NewDealDesign tick
The Next Web stopped in to see how technology design can bridge the physical/digital divide
Be sure to catch Gadi at Core77’s Designing Here/Now Conference on Oct 23rd in LA
Surface Magazine Selects Gadi as a 2015 ‘Power 100′
Fitbit goes public with a blockbuster IPO
The Design Imperative: Strive to Delight
What Car Companies Can Teach You About Style
Disegno caught up with us to talk Project Ara
It’s Time for Industrial Design to Grow Up
Project Ara: Part of it
Messing with nature – biohacking and it’s bright future
And we’re up and running!
UnderSkin – a vision for whats next in wearables
Spire: Open the Future
Space. There’s much to explore, and much more to understand. Only a finite number of humans have been fortunate enough to cast themselves across the stratosphere and into outer space to marvel in its wonder. From that vantage point Earth, our pale blue dot within the Milky Way, is truly vivid. It’s a tantalizing glowing marble, spinning ever so gently in the cradle of a cold, black vacuum. Under the protective bubble the Earth’s atmosphere offers us, life is buzzing with complexity. Storms of lightning, massive ocean freighters, sky-blazing planes and vehicles of all shapes and sizes cross the ever-changing… Read More
Design for Experience, Not Data
Innovation, the Human Way
Having worked in the Bay Area for more than 20 years, I have seen many great companies form, grow and vanish. Technology, in its cyclical nature, has been the main driver of these tumultuous waves of the “new” transforming to “also-ran” and eventually “has-been.” Few companies have survived and thrived through the past two decades. Success-driven complacency is a real and palpable factor in the demise of any good company, yet some other ingredients to a downfall are often overlooked. The dynamics of company growth impede breakthroughs — we all know that. Yet why? Dialogue matters Simply put, organizational structure… Read More
Visual Experience Designer
Say hello, we might just become good friends! Passionate User Interface Designer wanted. Read More
Dezeen explores the design process behind Whistle
Project Ara & Beehives
What does sex appeal have to do with sustainability?
Wired takes a behind the scenes look at Project Ara
Gadi will be at Vivid Sydney to talk Design & Love
Dezeen caught up with Gadi at SXSW to gleam the future of wearables
Gadi will be at SXSW talking about the near-future of wearables
Fortune stopped by the studio to find the magic that inspires Gadi & our work
Bloomberg brought a film crew to the studio and posed to us one question – ‘What is design’
Fast Company selected Fitbit as one of 2014’s most innovative companies, owning 67% of the market
Quartz’s sit’s down with Gadi to peek at the process behind the work
Three NDD products were selected by the Coolist as examples of ‘Modern American Ingenuity’. COOL!
Working with WIRED we helped turn Bill Gates dream for the smallholder farmer into a full-blown prototype.
Gizmodo gets fit testing the new Fitbit Force
Gadi joined The Verge in their top-secret room to discuss our Wearable Future
Industrial Designer
NewDealDesign is looking for a passionate and talented Industrial Designer to join our downtown San Francisco office. This is an outstanding hands-on opportunity to contribute and grow with a leading design firm. We work across disciplines to bring great projects to life. Must Have Passion for design through your work and with the team Solid communication skills with presenting ideas, listening and applying feedback Original and appropriate design work for clients Sensitivity to usability, interaction, and context Sensitivity to poetry and metaphor as design tools UI/graphic design support in developing ideas and presentations Material, color and graphic use on products… Read More
Haaretz on Gadi’s Meeting with Michelle Obama
Capture the World in 3D – Structure is Live on KickStarter
NBC Bay Area reporter Garvin Thomas takes a peek into what we do here
Brains Bravery and Magic
When NewDealDesign began as a small, scrappy design team in the middle of the boondocks – we were literally next to boat repair docks – I had an eye towards longevity. Read More
Architizer gives our Design Trophy a trophy
NewDeal picks up 3 coveted IDEA Awards
Wired checks out Tylt’s cables
SF Magazine jams to our Greatest Hits
Fitbit Flex flexes its muscles
Brit&Co plugs in to Plair
Airocide cleans up on Fast Co.
Fast Co. on the simple beauty of Plair
Airocide on Ellen: hilAIRious
Fitbit CEO James Park on The Verge
Fast Co. gets a sneak peak at Plair
Fast Co. Design takes a look at the Fitbit Flex
A revolutionary camera and inventive children's learning blocks are among our winners this year. Read More
Sling boxes swoop onto Fast Co. Design
Gadi at PSFK SF
Tylt Band gets stalked by Trend Hunter
Design Process behind the Fast Co. Trophy
PSFK picks Gadi’s brain
Gadi talks ‘Design + Thinking’
In Apple V. Samsung, A Win For Apple
Apple set a new standard for what people should expect from their phones with a smart marketing triumph and bolstered its legal argument vs. samsung in the process. Read More
Mobility 3.0: Your car, the app
You already carry your life on your phone. Soon, you'll be using it to program any car to your personal driving preferences. Read More
With Lumia, Nokia Crushes The iPhone
Something major has happened: The iPhone had finally met its rival. Read More
Gadi on Dieter Rams’s successes, and failures
Does Dieter Rams live up to his own immortal design ethos? Yes and no--and that offers all of us lessons to learn. Read More
Gadi on NPR’s ‘Here and Now’ discussing design in the wake of Steve Jobs.
NewDealDesign Joins Ranks of Top Three Most Winning Firms
Innovative UI for a Medical Device and One Super Smart Game and Learning Device Help NewDealDesign Continue its 10 Years of IDEA Winning Read More
How Can You Strategize For The Future, When You Can’t See Beyond 18 Months?
There's no telling what can happen beyond 18 months. But designers and managers can adapt, by embracing that in their innovation strategies. Read More
How Apple Can Get To $300 Billion In Sales, With A Clever Triple Play
Apple just might take over the world with a mix of home computing, back-end web support, and entertainment services, providing everything you need, all the time. Read More
A New Gauge For Brand Strength: The Tangible Brand Test
For branding to succeed something else must happen: The brand must become tangible. Read More
American Design Schools Are A Mess, and Produce Weak Graduates
Are design schools failing their students? Read More
NewDealDesign Wins Japan’s Illustrious G-Mark Design Awards
NewDealDesign was awarded Japan’s 2010 Good Design Gold Award for their work on the Dell Latitude 2100 and two CES 2011 Innovations Honoree Awards for their work on the Dell Latitude 2100 and the Sling Media Slingbox 700U. Read More
The Darwinian Business of Designing Machines, Part 2
When designers create machines, they need to make sure that the visceral parts of the product have an internal logic – that the hardware, software, user-interface, and so on work together seamlessly and efficiently. But designers also strive for an external logic –- a machine language that tells a story of the makeup of the object, the right use of material, process, form, and detail. The goal is to create the right harmony between the object’s inner logic and its external one. This inner-outer machine language drives both the guts and the enclosure around them. Such clarity and purity is… Read More
The Darwinian Business of Designing Machines, Part 1
Industrial designers spend their days creating the DNA of machines. Just like with animals, the best survive, the worst die out. Here’s what it takes to create a winner. Read More
Gadi Chosen as a ‘Master of Design’ by Fast Company Magazine
Gadi Amit was chosen by Fast Company Magazine as one of the 2010 Masters of Design in their annual October design issue. Fast Company is committed to bringing the ideas and personalities of some of the greatest designers working today to the public forefront. With his selection, Gadi joins an illustrious group of recipients including Phillip Stark and Yves Behar. Read More
Inspiration Junkie
Bottling inspiration doesn’t work. When stifled turn to art. Document and save sources. Keep things unpredictable. Creativity begets creativity. Read More
Gadi: Master of Design
Zen, Design and a Cup of Tea : Vol. 001
If you are a little bit curious about Zen and design, the way of tea, as anything in Japan is a long journey... so stay tuned! Read More
No Such Thing As Bad Publicity
They say there is no such thing as bad publicity. Well then, I guess that means this is good. Read More
The Art of Simplexity
It's that time of year! Thursday nights at the Academy of Sciences are a little more crowded, movie nights in Dolores Park start their summer-run, and you ask yourself if maybe there is truth to the classic, "the coldest winter is a summer in San Francisco". But I digress… It's Pixar season! Read More
Armchair Quarterback
“The things we make, make us.” Read More
The NDD way – our process…
In the past decade, few design trends for electronic devices have had such a seismic impact as the revolution of smallness. It’s not just that the sizes of devices have shrunk; the mindsets of designers and the whole culture of design have shifted toward all things Lilliputian. Read More
NewDealDesign Receives it’s Best-ever Accolade from the Industrial Designers Society of America
NewDealDesign won a Best-of-Show award in addition to five other IDEA awards; two Gold, two Silver and a Bronze award. The studio won a Gold and Best-of-Show for the SlingBox 700U, Gold and Silver for the FitBit Tracker, Silver for the Tami Bar Primo water appliance and a Bronze for the Sling Touch Control 100. Read More
When you D.I.Y. you can make up your own rules and free yourself to explore new methods and techniques for getting things done. This Freedom to take risks (dangerous, and stupid risks) and make mistakes (big, catastrophic mistakes) is priceless. The experience and skill I gain in these D.I.Y. adventures can be applied to my professional design process, without jeopardizing the projects I am working on, or my career. Read More
Aesthetics and the Brain
As a designer, I think a great deal about ‘what is good design.’ There are many aspects to consider of course: aesthetics, functionality and sociological customs to name a few. But when a design grabs you before you really have time to think, what’s at play? Read More
DesignDoing – Tana Primo
As a part of a larger design program, Tami Bar Primo’s form study is an exercise in capturing an abstract notion through a thumbnail sketch. At the start of the program, we were challenged by our client to create the ultimate ‘Water appliance’ design; one that speaks of water, fluidity, high-tech and purity while answering a list of technical requirements. Read More
11 Commandments
‘Good design is genderless’ Read More
Beyond Design Thinking: Why Hybrid Design Is the Next New Thing
Hybrid design dispenses with theory and relies on nimble, multi-faceted teams of experts to tackle the complexities of a design challenge. Read More
In Defense of Smallness
In the past decade, few design trends for electronic devices have had such a seismic impact as the revolution of smallness. It’s not just that the sizes of devices have shrunk; the mindsets of designers and the whole culture of design have shifted toward all things Lilliputian. Read More
How Smallness Is Changing Hardware
Few design trends for electronic devices have had such a seismic impact as the revolution of smallness. It’s not just that the sizes of devices have shrunk; the mindsets of designers and the whole culture of design have shifted toward all things Lilliputian. Read More