Plair Media Streamer

How does a silicon valley start-up shake up

the TV experience when competing against giants?

Chicken or the Egg?

Plair came to us looking to transformation the way you shares memories, watch the latest YouTube clip or show off your portfolio. They were building a mobile media-streaming device that would allowing you to push your media wirelessly to any screen. Plair would only be as powerful as the media beamed to it though, so for the start-up to make a splash we had to ask ourselves what comes first...product or app?

Part Product, Part App

Plair works with the media you provide it, so for the young start-up we developed product and interface concurrently to provide a seamless experience. If the interface was clunky Plair would be a flop, so we dove headfirst into functionality requirement gathering, user analysis, information architecture, prototyping, evaluation and testing. Creating dozens of gigantic mind-maps and information flows helped us develop a robust and magical user experience.

Form Finding

Simultaneously as Plair interface was taking shape, its form was presenting us with some decidedly complex problems. Electronics needed to sit on the front of a TV to guarantee a strong connection to ones phone and media. USB connectors are commonly hidden on the rear of a display though, far from the ideal. With one of Plair central features being portability, external attachment cables to bridge this gap were out. Sketching, testing and a hundred mock-ups later we hit upon a new idea with a twist.

Mobius Band

Dissecting TV’s and researching usage pattered helped us find a magnetized section present in almost all displays that Plair could magnet to for optimal reception while also being near connectors. From this insight we created Plairs unique twist, shuffling components down to the sub-millimeter level we construct a wicked new arrangement that is fully self-contained for life on the go.

Platform Straddling

To tie it all together we melding the interaction and physical design que's for a style-sheet that is uniquely Plair. Using color judiciously and pulling from initial icon 'doodles' we wove style across platform; Web, Android or iPhone, for a interface that is familiar matter the device.

Pegged Packaging

To wrap it all up we created a sturdy and smart case to house Plair. A peg holds the box together and Plair securely in place wrapped around it. The peg also functions in the literal sense, offering a place for retail to hang the package from. Smart