Fitbit Wellness Tracker

We created the wellness tracking category

The Problem

The world was full of clunky, ugly and masculine looking pedometers that didn’t inspire or make people feel good about the exercise they did. From poorly designed interfaces to form factors that felt like technical equipment, the market lacked energy.

A Board of Opportunity

When James and Eric came to us in 2008, they had a circuit board, but most importantly, a vision to change how we measure fitness - beyond numbers. They gave us permission to move beyond the standard.

A Wellness Strategy

Rather than push people to lose weight or increase their athletic performance, we decided leading with a wholesome message of wellness, one that is holistic, sustainable and inspiring. Designing for wellness meant an entirely new experience and approach.

An “Aha” Moment

Pedometers felt like medical devices. Wearing one on the hip meant showcasing it to the world, often causing people to ask questions. We didn’t think that was right, especially for women, who prefer to manage their health without letting the everyone know how and why, so we gave them a chance to wear Fitbit anywhere.

Make Data Beautiful

Why keep information about daily activity restricted to a rudimentary screen? We realized there was tremendous opportunity to connect the device to the web, and deliver information in a beautiful way that inspired people — specifically the female demographic that is very involved in staying healthy.

The Simple Solution

Through our research, insights and strategy, we introduced a design more human, more fun and more motivating than anything else out there. It was a beautiful accessory to life, not a clunky technological object.

Instant Success

When Fitbit revealed the model and strategy to investors, Fitbit received millions of dollars in investment. Not to mention over 12,000 pre-orders for the revolutionary health tracker.

A Flower People Love

We used a growing flower and a smiling face to chart activity progress - it captured the hearts of women and men around the world. Checking the activity status could be done as easily as tapping the device itself or clicking a single button.

Expanding the Fitbit Line

Four years had passed since the launch of the original FitbIt, and no competition had unsettled its market dominance. Many tried, many failed. It was time, however, to begin to introduce new products for all types of people.

Wireless Synching

We knew if people had to plug these in to get their data it would be one more hurdle for the user, increasing their likelihood of not using it. To make it easy, we designed all new FitbIts to sync automatically and wirelessly so stats are always up to the minute.

Something for Everyone

From the colorful, chubby and cute mass-market Zip, to the marquee jewel-toned One to the original Tracker; there is a Fitbit for you.


Fibit created an industry, and still remains the leading health tracker. The Fitbit family of wellness devices are playful, wearable technological pebbles that continue to inspire millions to make health a priority every day. Awards include the IDEA Gold, IDEA Silver CES Best of Innovation, and Good Design Award.

CES Best of Innovations
IDEA Bronze
IDEA Silver