Industrial Designer

By NDD Team

NewDealDesign is looking for a passionate and talented Industrial Designer to join our downtown San Francisco office. This is an outstanding hands-on opportunity to contribute and grow with a leading design firm. We work across disciplines to bring great projects to life.

Must Have

  • Passion for design through your work and with the team
  • Solid communication skills with presenting ideas, listening and applying feedback
  • Original and appropriate design work for clients
  • Sensitivity to usability, interaction, and context
  • Sensitivity to poetry and metaphor as design tools
  • UI/graphic design support in developing ideas and presentations
  • Material, color and graphic use on products


  • Four-year college degree in Industrial Design
  • Two years of related work experience within industrial design and product development in a fast-paced work environment
  • Competency in a variety of 2D and 3D software
  • Familiarity with rendering and CAD
  • Strong sketching and form development skills
  • Courage to say what you think and share ideas even when it is controversial
  • Good problem solving and communication abilities
  • International candidates must have a valid United States working permit


You might know us as an industrial firm. That’s mostly right. We actually like to think of ourselves as a place where humans and technology intersect.

Our goal is to make people smile, which means we’re there to make sure everything from branding to product to packaging functions perfectly alone and together. We work on some of the coolest projects in tech, from advanced concept projects with industry giants to the latest creations for hot start-ups.

Like a nimble gecko that traverses into the wildest of places – we’re always absorbing, listening and becoming our environments. Entering into the unknown and new, we use our collective brainpower to help clients think through complex problems, and build breathtaking solutions. That effort pays off – our work wins awards. Clients like Lytro, Fitbit and Sifteo are psyched about what we’ve done for them.

Not too big, not too small, we’re just the right size. Say hello, we might just become good friends! But remember this, if you come to work here, prepare to be revolutionary, embrace savvy thinking, and use your hands to make stuff.

How to Apply

Send your resume, cover letter, and portfolio (link or PDF) to

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